Still bad for skiers in large parts of the country

Difficult weatherDifficult weather.Photo: Pixabay

Over the next few days, low pressure will cause rain and wind in the lowlands, snow will mostly come in the mountains. Only the eastern part of the country will avoid the rain for the first few days.

Mild and wetter weather has been forecast in western Norway and in central Norway over the next few days.

“On Thursday, a weather front will come in from the southwest. This will lead to higher temperatures and precipitation in western Norway and in central Norway on Thursday afternoon,” meteorologist Anne Solveig Andersen told NTB.

The same weather front will move further north and hit northern Norway during Thursday night.

“Only eastern Norway and Finnmark dodge this weather front,” she adds.

On Saturday and Sunday, another weather front will lead to mild weather and rainfall in southern Norway. Eastern Norway should once again miss the worst rainfall.

Strong wind in the north
This weekend there is the possibility for periods of strong winds from the north in much of northern Norway.

On Saturday, the northern wind continues, and probably a lot of rain throughout the region. The temperature will vary slightly.

In northern Norway, there will be periods of snow and lower temperatures at the start of next week. There is also the danger of some gusty winds from the east and northeast.

In Svalbard, the wind force will increase until Friday and then stabilize.

Somewhat uncertain on Monday and Tuesday
“As it looks now, low pressure will affect the weather in southern Norway early next week. Eastern Norway can also experience rainfall during this period,” states meteorologist Andersen.

Andersen says that it is not impossible that a danger warning or two may emerge during the next week.

“The low pressure can quickly lead to dangerous weather, but at the moment it is too early to say anything specific about this,” she tells NTB.

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