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Stor-Elvdal and Canadian Moose Jaw call ceasefire on statues


The struggle to have the largest moose statue has been going on long enough,believe Stor Elvdal and the Canadian town of Moose Jaw.This weekend, they called for peace.

Vice-spokesperson, Linda Otnes Henriksen of Arbeiderpartiet (AP) met Mayor Fraser Tolmie in Moose Jaw in Canada to discuss the matter at a humorous moose summit.

“I thought that now this has been going on for so long that we have to meet, talk and show the world that we are friends” she told CBC news.

“We want to make this something positive and perhaps establish some friendship between our two cities” she added.

Tolmie has previously promised to enlarge the city’s moose statue, so that Moose Jaw can again claim the world record.A fundraising campaign has been put in place to reclaim the record,and Tolmie believes it would be unethical not to spend the money for this purpose.

Henriksen agrees.

“Canada may well have the biggest moose in the future.And that’s all right by us” she said.

Today the moose in Østerdalen protrudes 10.3 metres above the ground,which is half a meter higher than the statue in Moose Jaw, which according to Dagbladet newspaper kept the record for 31 years.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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