Storms and bad weather expected throughout Norway, road authority asks people to drive carefully

SnowstormPhoto: Statensvegvesen / NTB

The bad weather all over the country will last through the weekend. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has issued several yellow danger warnings, and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is asking people to drive carefully.

Both county road 55 over Sognefjell and 51 over Valdresflye are closed, Hans Are Dahl at Vegtrafikksentralen informed news bureau NTB.

Highway 15 over Strynefjellet is also closed on Saturday afternoon, after being open for convoy driving in the morning, Vegtrafikksentralen announced on Twitter.

Chalenging weather conditions have been reported in Filefjell, Haukelifjell, Hemsedal, Hardangervidda, and in Nord-Aurdal .

“The roads are open, but there are challenging driving conditions. It is snowing or raining, and there are strong winds,” Dahl said.

“The weather varies greatly from the lowlands to the mountains,” he added.

Plan ahead

Dahl asks those who are thinking of making the trip over the mountain to plan ahead.

“Fill up with fuel and check if the battery is fully charged. And plan an alternative route.

“Take your time and avoid stress,” he added.

Storm and gales

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has issued a number of yellow danger warnings for the whole country on Yr.

Heavy snowstorms are also expected in Troms and along the coastal and fjord areas of western Finnmark.

“But it seems that the situation is actually better in the north than in the south,” Dahl noted.

Along the coast from Western Norway to Northern Norway, gales and storms have been reported in several places. 

People are advised to secure loose property. 

There is a danger that ferries, planes, and other transport may be canceled. 

Bridges can also be closed.

Flood warning

Yellow flood warnings have also been issued in Rogaland and Vestland counties. 

Residents are asked to stay away from streams and rivers with large water flows.

Heavy rainfall has also increased the risk of landslides.

On Saturday and Sunday, extra high water levels are also expected in Eastern Norway.

The bad weather is expected to last through the weekend.

“It is a bit variable, but most likely it will not get better until Monday,” Hans Are Dahl at Vegtrafikksentralen concluded.

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