SVT: Putin is indirectly responsible for an assassination attempt in Sweden

Vladimir PutinPhoto: Mikhail Metzel / Sputnik / Kremlin Pool Photo via AP

Russian President Vladimir Putin was indirectly responsible for the assassination attempt on a Chechen regime critic in Sweden, an intelligence report concludes.

Two Russians, a man and a woman, were sentenced in January to ten and eight years in prison, respectively, in connection with the attempted murder of the Chechen video blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov in Gävle.

Tumso Abdurakhmanov was assaulted at the end of February last year, but managed to overpower the man who attacked him. The vlogger then posted a video of the man and showed a hammer that was used as a weapon during the attack.

Abdurakhmanov is a well-known critic of the Chechen regime. The 34-year-old’s video blog on YouTube has more than 250,000 subscribers. 

Blood revenge

The prosecutor linked the motive to a threat of “blood revenge” that Magomed Daudov, the president of the Chechen elected assembly, made in March 2019. The background for the revenge was Abdurakhmanov’s criticism of Chechnya’s former president Akhmad Kadyrov.

Swedish security police (Säpo) are looking for a third man, Chechen Imran Chashanov, who is suspected of being the mastermind behind the attack.

Secret report

A secret European intelligence report SVT has gained access to discusses both the attack on Abdurakhmanov and similar attacks on other Chechen regime critics in Europe.

According to SVT, the report describes how Chechnya and Russia cooperate and concludes that there is a special department within the Russian National Guard, SOBR Terek, which has the capacity to organize and carry out such attacks and eliminations.

The report accuses Russian President Vladimir Putin of being indirectly responsible for such attacks in Europe, including the attack in Gävle.

As long as Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov does not go too far, Putin will let him hold on, the report concludes.

Indirect liability

The Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI) in Sweden shares that view.

“As the leader of Russia, one can be considered to have the responsibility. Especially if nothing concrete is done to stop this type of violation of human rights and the sovereignty of other states by sending homicide patrols around Europe,” security policy expert Fredrik Westerlund of FOI stated.

The Kremlin completely denies the allegations to SVT.

“We really have nothing to do with these killings of people in European countries,” an email signed by Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, penned by his spokesperson, reads.

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2 Comments on "SVT: Putin is indirectly responsible for an assassination attempt in Sweden"

  1. Once again, NT, I had to look up what an acronym – SVT – stands for, and it is the Swedish television network.
    And I suspect it is exactly right about this: Putin has had to make a deal with the devil on Russia’s southernmost flank to keep that from blowing up again. Note also him calling in the leaders of both Armenia and Azerbaijan to stop a re-heating of that war … and that they came.

    But WHY aren’t you covering the showdown in Riga between U.S. SecState Blinken and Russian ForMin Lavrov?

    The West broke our Budapest peace agreement with the Russians with our 2014 Kiev coup – no mere revolution for 4 or more obvious, objective reasons – the Russians counter-moved just like we Americans did in 1983 when there was a pro-Soviet coup on strategic Grenada island within *our* inner security perimeter … and both sides are issuing pre-world-war ultimatums.

    Are(n’t) Norwegians about to be dragged into a very nuclear World War 3 by neocon-dominated NATO?

    Every man, woman, and child in Norway should know exactly which fallout (if not bomb) shelter we should go into if war starts – there will be only hours, not days like in April 1940, to act – and those shelters should have supplies (from water to diapers) to survive the winter, and Norwegian (not vigilante or any other) law should prevail in them.

    At least the Støre government seems to be awakening to our extreme danger, judging from ForMin Anniken Huitfeldt saying Norway should handle the Northern front and avoid military incursions into the Russians’ economic zone like the Americans and British did. And her saying that Lt.Col. Tormod Heier has the academic freedom of expression right to call them as he sees them, regarding Western elements wanting to have the nuclear war with Russia up here.
    (Is *that* why the Russians then hassled our Alaska fishermen in our economic zone in the Bering Sea?)

    Have Western neocon militarists decided to “knock off” Russia and then deal with China? And it is the very aggressionist polices of our Western neocons which strategically/militarily *united* Russia with China!

    Putin has publicly said the Russians want a peace and security treaty to replace Budapest (which, again, we broke with the coup). Or else …?

    SOMEbody – not just a ban-the-bomb … person – has to SPEAK OUT and STOP this Western neocon slide/push into world holocaust.

  2. From what I’ve now read on Washington Post, the Blinken-Lavrov meeting in Riga seemed to go well, and our worst threat is unprecedented sanctions, not war.

    It looks like the pressure is now on Ukraine’s Zelensky to come to a fair peace and security arrangement the Russians want, to replace Budapest and end the crisis/confrontation.

    But this would require the Russians keeping the Crimea (since we broke Budapest) and there being internationally supervised/monitored self-determination referendums in East Ukraine.

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