Taxi driver indicted for rape of an abused boy

Taxi driverNorwegian Taxi stand. Illustration photo: NTM

Taxi driver indicted for rape of an abused boy at a petrol station

A taxi driver is charged with raping a boy at a gas station. The boy confided in the taxi driver, telling the man about the abuse he had been subjected to by his parents.

“A case involving sexual abuse has been investigated. It has been sent on to the Public Prosecutor,” Police Lawyer, Sonia Gupta Nerhus, tells VG.

The boy’s parents were sentenced to 17 and 18 years in prison in 2014. This for violence against, extensive assault of and incest involving their son.

The boy is granted relief measures in the ensuing years. One of those measures is daily transport to and from school.

Entrusted the taxi driver

The taxi driver was arrested last autumn, charged with raping the boy at a petrol station at Romerike, north of Oslo. The boy entrusted the indicted man with his difficult past.

“This is an extremely vulnerable passenger. A boy who, in a very vulnerable situation, is being exploited in the most serious way by a person who should be safe to be around. A man who knows what the boy has been exposed to. This is a very sad story,” Support Lawyer for the boy, Gunhild Lærum, states.

“The driver has acknowledged partial guilt for the relationship,” according to his Defence Lawyer, Martin Hay.

The police have further reopened a criminal case from the nineties against the indicted taxi driver. That case involves sexual relations with children under the age of 14 as well.

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