The Environment Agency proposes a rescue plan for the Oslo Fjord


The Environment Directorate’s action plan to save the Oslo Fjord is ready. Among the proposed measures is the reduction of discharges from municipal drains and waste water.

The Environment Directorate has prepared the action plan on behalf of the Ministry of Climate and Environment, after Parliament in 2018 unanimously asked the government to make a plan for the fjord, with the goal of promoting outdoor life and achieving a good environmental conditions.

The plan has been drawn up in collaboration with eight other state agencies, as well as the county governors and counties around the fjord.

Through the work it has been found that increased use of the Oslofjord has led to increased emissions, pressure on fish stocks and increased shipping traffic. This has caused the following issues:

  • Growing areas for cod and other species are in decline.
  • The environmental pollutant content of internal parts is so high that the fish cannot be eaten.
  • Increased supply of nutrients and particles leads to algae bloom and slurry.
  • Only one third of the beach zone is available for swimming, walking and fishing from land.
  • Climate change will make ecosystems even more vulnerable.

Among the proposed measures are reductions in discharges from municipal drains, reduced land use from agriculture, reduced supply of environmental toxins and reduced marine litter.

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