The Queen on the ‘age of corona’: “You feel isolated”

Queen Sonja and Magne Furuholmen with an exhibition at Soli BrugGreåker.Queen Sonja and Magne Furuholmen with an exhibition at Soli Brug.Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

Queen Sonja says it has been sad not to be able to meet people during the corona pandemic. But emphasizes that she does not have much to complain about.

“It’s a little sad for us who are actually going to meet people. Meetings have been difficult, and they still are. It is a challenge”, says Queen Sonja to NTB.

The royal couple themselves ended up in quarantine when the community closed down on March 12, after they had been traveling in Jordan. All official plans were canceled, and in recent months they have mostly stayed at home.

The queen says that she thinks the royal family has experienced the situation “like most others”.

“You feel isolated. You collaborate via Skype, and you do not see people”, she says.

At the same time, she is happy to have her family around her. This summer, the royal family had shared photos from holiday trips in Norway, including a trip with the royal ship in Lofoten.

“We have had a very good time. We can not complain. It’s worse for people who are alone, I think, who live alone. I think that is a trying situation”, she says.


At Easter, the royal couple sent out a greeting to the people from Kongsseteren in Oslo. At that time, the infection rates were still high and the situation was very confusing. For many, time was hard.

“We must try to see the positive in a difficult situation. And go on with fighting spirit. For this can consume the strength and patience. But I think we are such healthy people. We can do this well”, said the queen.

Both she and the king are in the risk group due to their age, and they have had limited contact with the outside world in recent months. The king chaired the cabinet for several weeks, instead of receiving the prime minister and the rest of the government at the Palace.

But when the feast day of May 17th came, the royal couple were clearly ready to get out a little again. Suddenly they clinked with a surprising and historic ride in an open car through the sea of people in central Oslo. A gesture that was hailed in retrospect.

On Thursday this week, the Queen was at one of her first events since the closure, when she and Magne Furuholmen each opened their separate exhibition at Soli Brug Gallery in Østfold.

The sun was shining, and the queen was clearly happy to be out among the people again – even if you have to be at least one meter away from othets.

“Meeting and seeing people is something we have all missed. So it is very nice”, she says to NTB.

The queen explains that she also misses socializing in other ways.

Very sad because of lesser activity

“There have been few exhibitions and little to see. Not concerts. Not theater. Not one or the other. It is very sad. Then you solve this in digital ways, which are impressive.”

The Queen’s new art exhibition consists of 96 works, both graphics and ceramics. Although less time has been spent on other things in recent months, she has not taken more time to work with art.

“No, I actually do not have it. I have done some other projects, which are not exactly in that genre”, says the queen, who does not reveal which projects we are talking about.

Time will tell.

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