Wants age limits on energy drinks

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Three out of four wants age restrictions on energy drinks

Energy drinks should not be next to with mineral water on the grocery store shelves, the majority believe in a recent survey. Three out of four wished for an age restriction.

The survey was conducted by Norstat for the Norwegian Consumer Council.

“This is clear input from consumers. The ever-increasing consumption of energy drinks in children and adolescents is perceived as a real problem throughout the population, so much that many people want to introduce an age restriction, we do not think its fear, but consumers see the consequences and side effects that these products are creating,” says Vice President of the Consumer Council, Gunstein Instefjord.

Half of the respondents believe that there should be an 18-year age restriction should be introduced or that energy drinks should be banned. Two out of five believe that a statutory limit of 16 years should be introduced to buy energy drinks.

Survey in May

In a survey conducted by the Consumer Council in May 2018, half of children and adolescents aged 10 to 18 responded that they were drinking energy drinks. Nearly half of them said they had experienced side effects such as tremors, palpitations, hyperactivity, headaches and chest pain after drinking energy drinks.

Six out of ten asked in the new study believe that energy drinks, in addition to an age limit, should not be associated with mineral water.

This spring, the Ministry of Health and Care Services will consider additional measures to protect children and adolescents from health damage as a result of high consumption of energy drinks. A report with alternative measures from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority is expected in mid-February.

OK for children with some Energy drinks

A little energy drinks quite OK for children. Large quantities over a short period of time can cause sleep problems, anxiety and heart palpitations, the risk assessment from the Scientific Committee shows.

A little bit of energy drink is acceptable for the vast majority, but one has to be careful about ingesting large quantities. Especially if you have a high intake of chocolate, coffee and tea as well, according to Professional Leader of the Science Committee for Food and Environment, Ellen Bruzell. The committee has investigated whether children can suffer health damage from energy drinks.

“Even quite young children get rid of the caffeine relatively efficiently, but it depends on body weight. Parents must be aware of large quantities in a short period of time. For example, those who bring large quantities of energy drinks to gaming events and the like,” Bruzell explains.

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