Three persons charged with rape and violence

rape and violence womanWoman subjected to violence. Illustration photo:

3 persons charged with rape and violence against a woman held in captivity

 Three persons are accused of holding a woman captive in an apartment in 2016. While the woman was held captive, she was allegedly raped and subject to gross violence.


The three that are indicted in the case are two men and one woman in their twenties. From August 25th to 26th, 2016 the three allegedly held a woman captive in an apartment in Akershus. Here, they hit her several places on the body with a metal object, a knuckle duster and a bottle. They also allegedly stabbed her in the legs using a knife or garden tool, put out burning cigarettes on her body and pulled her fingers backwards leading to a fracture in one of them.

According to the indictment, the three should also have injected syringes filled with opiates and air into the woman.

One of the men is also charged with raping the woman while she was unconscious or for other reasons unable to oppose to the rape.

The woman had to spend one month in a hospital because of the violence she had been subjected to.

Death threats

The two men are also charged with threatening to torture and kill the woman.

According to Romerikes Blad, who was the first media to report of the indictment, the background for the violence was that the three believed that the woman had stolen drugs from one of them.

The man charged with rape is also charged with several other conditions, including stabbing a man with a knife in May 2016.

The case is scheduled to appear before the Nedre Romerike District Court in January.


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