Two out of three have used mobile phones in the car

mobile phones carUsing the mobile phone in the car. Photo: Erlend Aas / NTB scanpix

Two out of three have used mobile phones in the car, and most are parents

Two out of the three have used a mobile phone while they have driven a car, and it is adults with children who most often do it, showed a survey.


One in three have used the mobile phone without handsfree while driving regularly, showed the survey Norstat has done on behalf of Storebrand, wrote Sunnmørsposten newspaper. Adults with children, and particularly parents with three children or more had done it most often.

“That the parents are doing it is disturbing. They must go ahead as a good example. The kids also learn about them when it comes to mobile use, so it’s sad that they do not take responsibility,” said Paal Gunnar Mathisen, Press Officer and District Manager at Trygg Traffic, Østfold.


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