Weapon found after shooting incident at Skøyenåsen in Oslo

PolicePhoto: Fredrik Hagen / NTB

The police have found a weapon that they believe can be linked to the shooting at Skøyenåsen in Oslo on Sunday, the newspaper Avisa Oslo reports. The police are asking the public for tips in the case.

Operations Manager Tor Gulbrandsen in the Oslo Police District told the newspaper that he can not comment on where the weapon was found.

“We have found a weapon. The weapon will now be examined,” he said.

Gulbrandsen further said that the police already know the man in his 30s who has been arrested in connection with the shooting.

Racist motive?

Just after 8 PM on Sunday, two people were shot in a subway car on Skøyenåsen, east of Oslo. The suspected perpetrator ran from the scene.

The two injured, two young men between the ages of 18 and 20, have a foreign ethnic background. The apprehended person is a white man in his 30s, according to Avisa Oslo.

The police have previously told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that they are, among other things, investigating whether the shooting was racistly motivated.

Seriously injured

The two injured men are hospitalized with serious injuries, but their condition is described as stable. There is no known relationship between the victims and the suspected perpetrator, according to police.

The police are asking for tips in the case.

“If the public has information or tips in connection with the shooting at Skøyenåsen last night, it is requested that they call us at 02800 or write to us at police.no,” the Oslo Police District wrote.

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4 Comments on "Weapon found after shooting incident at Skøyenåsen in Oslo"

  1. “Incels” are white males who have no (female) mates or children and families and feel deeply (and dangerously) alone and alienated. After the mass killing by one in Plymouth, English authorities are considering treating incels as potential terrorists. Thomas Mair who (illogically) murdered young Labour MP and mother Jo Cox (right before the Brexit vote, strangely) is one example, and Norway’s 22 July 2011 terrorist is another.

    Many females are being drugged and/or raped into prostitution and even exported as in the case of Ukrainian girls in Gulf States like Dubai (where they staged a mass nudity exhibition on a balcony recently).

    Other females – encouraged/diverted by elitist leftists, feminists, and/or lesbians whom have gained considerable social and political influence and power – are choosing not to have husbands and families, although having children is their ultimate physical and emotional fulfillment (we men cannot equal).

    I read somewhere that Kåre Willoch was pulled off a Høyre state, for (wisely, actually) urging more Norwegian girls *become* wives and mothers. 🙂

    So the motive for these murders goes far deeper than (rightwing extremist) ideological and/or racist – it is sociobiological – and if society continues to spurn and just vilify incels these tragedies shall continue and probably escalate.

    Church used to be a place for single males to find community and mates (better than in bars), but mainline religions too have become alienatingly ideological.

  2. I suspect many of those invading our Capitol on Jan. 6 could be classed as incels. (A tragic exception was a wrought-up, incited young bank officer from the South who had a wife and 2 little kids and after returning home was fired and then committed suicide.)

    And the crimes they commit should be fully punished, but incels must be understood and helped, to prevent or at least reduce these crimes in the first place.

  3. … off a Høyre sta*g*e …
    (I do *try* to edit, NT.)

  4. “Plymouth shooting: ‘Incels’ will be treated as terrorists only if there are more attacks, government adviser says:
    Independent reviewer of terrorism legislation says issue is ‘question of scale’ – after criticism of police.”
    Rob Merrick, (British) Independent Deputy Political Editor


    Violent attacks by “incels” such as Plymouth gunman Jake Davison will be treated as terrorism if the movement grows, a government adviser says.

    Police have been criticised for not treating the tragedy – which saw the gunman shoot five people and himself, after misogynistic social media posts calling himself an involuntary celibate – as terror-related.

    Jonathan Hall, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation for the Home Office, said whether or not a threat is categorised as terrorism is a “question of scale”.

    But he added: “If we see more of these sorts of attacks, then I have got no doubt that it will be treated more seriously as terrorism.”

    Incels, who typically blame women for a failure to form sexual relationships, are currently considered part of right-wing terrorism – but Mr Hall acknowledged they are “quite separate”.

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