Well prepared Agder police happy with the Palmesus weekend

Palmesus KristiansandMood pictures from the Palmesus festival in Kristiansand. The festival is organized on the city center in the center of Kristiansand. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

Well prepared Agder police happy with the Palmesus weekend

With almost double crew available in Kristiansand due to the Palmesus festival there was a lot to do for the police, but there were no major events in the southern town.

– It was like the 17th of May in the pedestrian street. It is extraordinary. We have had a large number of extra patrols out and prevented many events, says Per Kristian Klaussen, Operations Manager in Agder, to NTB.

Until 4 am he had not reports of any serious incidents. The center of Kristiansand has had a lot of people in the streets in the evening and during the night because of the annual Palmesus festival on the city beach.

Distributed over three days, nearly 50,000 people have been attending.

The police have had extra crew available and have logged over 150 missions in eight hours, but very few people have ended up in the arrest, Agder police district writes on Twitter.

Happy mood

Klaussen says that the efforts at Palmesus have been a separate operation and he has no record of the events there. But that does lead to a lot more people in the cityscape outside the festival, and that there has been more than enough to do, according to Klaussen.

“There have been a lot of word disturbances. Many are expelled from town and there have been fights that were stopped early so that people have not been injured. It’s preventative. We are active to resolve situations and deny people access, says Klaussen.

– I’m looking positive on it. People have mostly been happy and in a good mood. We have managed to get through the night without any serious incidents. We have been well prepared, he says.


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