Emissions mean that NHO will cut its traffic significantly

Norwegian EscapeNorwegian Escape.Photo: Norwegian Cruise Lines

Cruise tourists spend the least amount of money in land in Norway and emit the most CO2, according to a new report. Now the NHO will make powerful cruise cuts.

The report by Stakeholder on behalf of NHO Reiseliv reveals that cruise tourists have a consumption of NOK 650 per day, and on average have 4.1 days’ stay in Norway, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

The Swiss top the report with eight grams of emissions per kroner spent, which is because they have an average a stay of 16.8 days and spend NOK 1,820 per day.

The perpetrators are cruise tourists from countries overseas such as the United States, Canada and Australia. This is due to the air flight, where an Australian has almost 70 times higher emissions per kroner spent than a tourist from Switzerland.

  • “These are dramatic figures that show that we have to limit cruise traffic both for the sake of emissions and overtourism that makes local people upset,” says Kristin Krohn Devold of NHO Reiseliv to DN. She believes the ships that pollute the most must not be allowed in port and that the number of port calls must be cut.

VisitOslo’s CEO Christian Lunde believes the report shows how tourism can affect emissions in the country.

“In the future it will be less about getting more guests, but about getting the right ones,” he told the newspaper.

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