Cars and roofs damaged by engine parts in Italy

787 Dreamliner engine parts rome norwegian, los angeles, fiuminicioA 787 Dreamliner from Norwegian Airlines experienced problems at Fiumicino Airport Rome. Engine parts came loose, forcing the plane to return directly after take-off. Photo: Norwegian

Cars and roofs damaged by Norwegian Air engine parts

Cars and roofs were damaged when a number of smaller engine parts fell off of a Norwegian plane after take-off from Fiumicino Airport Rome this weekend.

A Boeing 787 aircraft on its way to Los Angeles on Saturday, with 298 passengers and crew on board, had to break off its ascent due to a problem with an engine, the website reports.

Small engine part fragments came loose, leading to damage on 25 houses and twelve cars in an area near Fiumicino Airport Rome, according to both. Aviation Herald and La Repubblica. A person was, supposedly, also hit by debris but did not sustain any injury.

The engines on Norwegian 787 Dreamliner are manufactured by Rolls-Royce.


Scorching hot debris

Scorching hot debris rained down over the Isola Sacra area, according to Aviation Herald. Sacra is located about two kilometres from the end of the runway at Fiumicino Airport Rome. Photos in Italian newspapers show broken windshields and a person holding a handful of metal parts.

“Norwegian flight DY-7115 from Rome to Los Angeles experienced technical problems a few minutes after departure. The plane, therefore, returned to the airport where it landed safely,” A spokesman from Norwegian confirms in a statement.

Norwegian does not wish to comment further on the incident, as the case is under investigation, according to the website

“The company assists the affected passengers with hotels and rebooking,” Press Officer of Norwegian Airlines, Charlotte Holmberg Jacobsson, tells

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