UiO is granted Geo software from Ikon Science

Ikon ScienceIkon_KL geos between jobs team - august, Photo: Ikon Science


Ikon Science has donated software to an estimated value of $30 million to UiO

In a press release Ikon Science informs that they have donated RokDoc software to an estimated value of $30 million, to the University of Oslo (UiO).



The software donation covers access to rock physics, reservoir characterization, seismic inversion and pressure prediction modules.

It is intended that RokDoc will become a mandatory teaching tool for two advanced courses (GEO4250: Reservoir Geology and GEO4260: Reservoir Geophysics) at the University’s Geosciences Department.

– We have seen the extensive and integrated range of solutions RokDoc can offer, says Associate Professor Nazmul Haque Mondol.

Mondol is representing the Section of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics at UiO.

– We want our students to have access to such tools and decided it is the time to upgrade.

– RokDoc allows the students to use industry leading technology for their learning and research, and they will also get familiar with the kind of software that they will likely be using when they enter the workplace, he concludes.

– Norway is one of the most respected regions for innovative geosciences and E&P activities according to Technical Director in Ikon Science, Denis Saussus.

– Much of that can be attributed to the work and consortiums associated with UiO. It is a privilege to be able to support this world class University and we look forward to seeing their student’s projects and innovations.

About Ikon Science

Ikon Science provides comprehensive software technology and consulting services that enhance the value of reserves while reducing drilling costs and operational uncertainty. Through the RokDoc software and integrated geoscience consulting business, Ikon Science enables models and analysis required to deliver safer, cheaper and more efficient exploration, reservoir optimization and drilling.


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