Flytoget warns: May be canceled if new train offer is adopted

Almost quarter of a billion in the plus for the Airport Express train last yearThe Airport Express train.Photo Flytoget AS

The Directorate of Railways’ proposal to integrate the air transport service into other train traffic may mean that the service is closed down, says Flytoget.

In a report from the Railway Directorate on the future organization of trains and the capacity of the rails in and around Oslo in order to make the best use of capacity, it is proposed to integrate the air services in the other train traffic until 2028, DN writes.

According to the newspaper, this means that there should only be one train service between the main airport and Oslo.

Flytoget Director Philipp Engedal tells DN that if the Directorate takes seriously the integration plans, the Flytoget will be discontinued.

– Then the flight train is shut down. Such a proposal is the beginning of the end for us, and it will definitely be the end of 2028, says Engedal.

Flytoget carried a record number of passengers, close to 7 million, to and from Gardermoen last year.

The first phase of the investigation work was delivered to the Ministry of Transport and Communications in February. The final report is still not complete.

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