Agreement on Metro tunnel in Oslo

Oslo Metro TunnelThe Oslo Metro wishes you a good day. Tunnel route overlayed. Photo: Oslo Sporveier / Ruter / NTM

Agreement on Metro tunnel in Oslo among the reds

There is a majority in Oslo in favour of that the route of the Metro tunnel between Majorstuen and Tøyen will be via Bislett, Stortinget and Nybrua near the Grünerløkka area.

The Oslo City Council parties Labour (Ap), the Socialist (SV) and Greens (MDG) have agreed with Red on this, writes NRK.

“The capacity of the Metro in Oslo is at the breaking point. A new Metro tunnel is crucial for expanding the offer with many more departures – so that it becomes even easier to travel environmentally friendly and leave the car behind,” City Council for Environment and Transport, Arild Hermstad (MDG) tells NTB.

«The following route forms the basis for the further planning work for a new Oslo Centre tunnel: Majorstuen – Bislett – the Parliament (Stortinget) – Grünerløkka near Nybrua – Tøyen, with the possibility of extension to Bryn», it is stated in the decision by the Oslo City Council.

Warns of a possible rematch

The bourgeois parties want to build the tunnel further north. They warn of a rematch if they win the election.

The tunnel will link Bislett and Grünerløkka to the existing Metro tunnel at the Norwegian Parliament. It will cost in excess of NOK 17 billion, according to the public transport provider Ruter. Expected construction start is in 2024, with completion by 2030.

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  1. Joakim Haugen | 9. May 2019 at 08:03 |

    So AP, SV and MDG wants to make this, the same people who: failed to get a garbage agreement in place thus making trash pile up in the streets of Oslo for 6 months to then FORCE the PEOPLE to pay for it’s remowal.
    The same people who has non parking places painted with white stripes for some 22 million, paint that was water based and washed away thus having to be done again for another 22 million. And this by a company who is personal friends with several of these corrupted morons.
    The same people who are personal friendswith Ivar Tollefsen the man who sold appartemts in Oslo to Oslo for hundreds of millions more than they are worth..

    These people are to fix the metro?
    Please dear God no!
    They are corrupt beyond help and need to go

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