One in five Norwegians are worried about personal finances, survey finds

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A total of 20% of those surveyed are worried about their personal finances. The data was revealed in a recent survey conducted by Respons Analyze on behalf of Sparebank1.

The coronavirus pandemic has had major consequences for the global economy, and the Norwegian economy is no exception.

About 200,000 people are registered as completely or partially unemployed, and many companies are struggling to keep operations going.

“The concern is not unfounded. The pandemic has had financial consequences for many people, either for themselves or for friends and acquaintances. It’s only natural,” consumer economist Magne Gundersen in SpareBank 1 noted.

Young people more worried

“850,000 Norwegians are worried about their private finances due to the coronavirus crisis. Young people are more worried than older people, and their worries are not unfounded,” Gundersen added.

About a third of those surveyed under the age of 35 said they were worried about their own or their household’s finances.

“I understand that young people are worried when they experience work and income insecurity,” Gundersen noted.

Other surveys, including the Norwegian Coronavirus Monitor by Opinion, show that Norwegians are also not very optimistic when it comes to the country’s economy.

In the September survey, only one in ten thought that the situation would improve over the next month.

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