Over 1,000 Norwegian McDonald’s employees laid off

McDonald's restaurant McDonald'sIllustration.McDonald's restaurant at Tiller in Trondheim. Photo: wikipedia.org

McDonald’s has laid off around 1,030 of a total of 3,100 employees in Norway and closed seven of their restaurants as a result of the corona epidemic.

“There are still several restaurants that are considering whether they can stay open, while some restaurants see the need to bring people in again,” says communications manager Veronika Skagestad to E24

She also says that more and more people use the ‘drive-through’ method, where you sit in the car and order your meal.

“In recent weeks we have seen that our customers prefer to use ‘drive-through,’ which accounts for about 70 per cent of our sales now,” says Skagestad.

In addition, Skagestad states that seven restaurants are now closed. They are mostly in shopping malls and in the city center, where there are few people.

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  1. Yesterday was the first time in 14 days I had left Flateby, and I was relieved to see the Strømmen Storsenter McDonalds closed as were all the other fast-food places I saw – for the sake of my friends there and my own sake, since I doubted they would be wearing facemasks while preparing the food. So no (sauce but no cheese) fish sandwiches, which was part of my morale incentive for getting out.

    Happily the Senter’s variety store with large chocolate bar sale was still open, and I got 12 of those, for the siege. (Unfortunately, most of the straight milk chocolate bars were gone, so I had to settle for chocolate with ground-up almonds, which have just reminded how much I miss Hershey’s with (whole, not ground-up) Almonds. :-/ )

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