Telenor provided Danish police with teledata

TelenorTelenor headquarters.Photo: Norway Today media

Telenor has systematically provided personal data to the police in Denmark, presumably in violation of the law, reports Politiken.

The disclosure of personal data has been taking place since 2018 and is still ongoing, according to the newspaper.

Thus, without having obtained the necessary court orders, the telecommunications company has violated the rights of its customers and other citizens.

This is evidenced by the Telenor’s response to Politiken and from the insight into the company’s communication with Danish police.

The information shows that Telenor has consistently misunderstood court orders regarding the disclosure of so-called signaling data to the police.

Signaling data is information from the telemaster about where a phone has been geographically. Nevertheless, Telenor has also provided information about who the person in question has been in contact with.

Disclosure of such information can only be allowed by the court in cases where the police suspect a crime that could result in at least six years in prison.

It has been previously stated that in 2019, the police received both SMS content and the numbers of counterparties from Telenor when signaling data was obtained in connection with criminal cases.

In its response to Politiken, Telenor admitted they have consistently handed the numbers received on phones to the police. They say this is an integral part of the signaling data and that the police are aware of it.

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