339 people were deported in January

The police at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

In January, the police deported 339 people who did not have legal residence in Norway, according to the monthly statistics of the Police Immigration Unit.

The corresponding figure for the same period last year was 337. This represents an increase of just under 1 per cent in the number shipped out from January last year to the same month this year, the statistics revealed.

In January, 94 people were sentenced to one or more criminal offences and deported from the country. This represents 28 per cent of those who were repatriated.

In the same month last year, 124 people with a criminal record were deported. This represents a 24 per cent reduction compared to the January this year.

Poland, Romania and Ukraine
A total of 32 per cent of those who were deported because of their criminal records in January were citizens of Poland, Romania or Ukraine. Ten of each of these nationalities were deported.

Just over 91 per cent were in the expulsion category.

Of the 339 shipped in January, 291 were in the expulsion category, 24 in the asylum-refusal category and also 24 in the Dublin regulation/safe third country category.

Compared to December last year, there were 32 more deported under the expulsion category, 7 more in the Dublin regulation safe third country category and 8 fewer in the asylum-refusal category.

Eight minors
A total of eight minors were deported to their home country or a safe third country in January. They were with their guardians.

In January, Sweden led the list of countries where deportees were sent to (63), followed by Russia (29), Italy (28), Ukraine (22) and Poland (19).

In the same month, the majority of nationalities who were deported were from Russia (30), Ukraine (29), Iraq (18), Eritrea (15), Romania and Syria (both 13).

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