Every nine out of ten people who have contracted the Coronavirus have recovered

Ullevål HospitalUllevål Hospital.Photo: Isolatavdelingen på Ullevål sykehus: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

90 percent of all people who have tested positive for Covid-19 have recovered, this is according to calculations from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI).

“This means that we believe that about 7,000 of those who have been infected are now healthy,” says Line Vold, director-general.

A person is defined as healthy if after 14 days he or she has not been hospitalized and has not died. Those hospitalized are defined as healthy at discharge or if still alive after 30 days. This means that it must take at least 14 days from testing positive till a person will be able to be defined as healthy or fully recovered.

Since the vast majority of people who are diagnosed with Covid-19 are not admitted to hospitals and did not die, the definition will imply that the number of those who have recovered is very large similar to the number of people who were diagnosed with the Coronavirus 14 days earlier, the FHI writes in its latest weekly report.

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  1. Norway does have a VERY high recovery rate. Well done, Norwegian health care. 🙂

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