It will take time for a vaccine to break the Coronavirus says FHI

vaccineVaccine.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

FHI vaccine-leader tells the Bergen Times that it is very optimistic to believe that the first vaccine will be ready as soon as the first quarter of next year.

Departmental director for infection control and vaccines at The Norwegian Institute of Public Health Britt Wolden, is leading a new project-committee that seeks to secure Norway Coronavirus vaccines and plan the implementation of the vaccination program. She calls Minister of Health Bent Høie’s hope for a start to vaccination by early next year “very optimistic”.

“There is still a considerable risk that the vaccines that are further along in development will not be approved,” she says. However, Wolden believes we will have a vaccine in Norway sometime during 2021.

Wolden thinks the doses will arrive in Norway a little at a time, spanning years.

“The number of vaccine doses will in the beginning, be far fewer than the demand” she can confirm.

Wolden’s greatest fear is that vaccine development fails.

“Ether that they aren’t able to upscale production, or that the results of the clinical tests do not go as expected” she says.

When asked how long time it will take before Norway has enough doses for the vaccine to break the Coronavirus she answers:

“This is speculation, because there are so many variables. Probably towards 2022-2023. Probably 2023. But this is just guessing” underscores Wolden.

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