Janssen: Our single-dose corona vaccine is 66% effective

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccinePhoto: AP Photo / Frank Augstein / Pool / file

According to Belgian company Janssen, its COVID-19 vaccine is 66% effective.

Furthermore, nobody needed hospital treatment or died from the coronavirus after the vaccine took effect in the international trial, BBC reports.

The vaccine is a single-dose vaccine, making it much easier to roll out than vaccines that have to be administered in two doses. 

However, there are some signs that Janssen’s vaccine is less effective against the South African virus variant. The vaccine will need to be reviewed by regulators before it can be used.

Janssen, a pharmaceutical company owned by Johnson & Johnson, is also looking at whether two doses could give either stronger or longer-lasting protection.

A one-shot vaccine

However, as the BBC reports, the fact that it works as a single-dose vaccine and can be kept in a standard fridge means that the vaccine could play a significant role in the global fight against the pandemic.

“The World Health Organization considers a one-shot vaccine to be the best option in pandemic settings,” D. Paul Stoffels, the chief scientific officer at Johnson & Johnson, said.

He noted the vaccine could “potentially protect hundreds of millions of people from serious and fatal outcomes of COVID-19.”

Janssen is aiming to make 1 billion doses in 2021.

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