Meteorologists announce that summer is coming back

SunriseSunrise.Photo: Pixabay

This weekend was characterized by a lot of bad weather around the entire country. But next week, summer temperatures are making a comeback, the Meteorological Institute says.

– “Even though there is still some time before next weekend, the forecasts show that during this coming week the temperatures increase with good weather and will stay for the coming weekend,” says watch meteorologist Martin Granerud at the Meteorological Institute of VG.

Large parts of the country were bathed in the sunshine just over a week ago, and some places had temperatures closer to 30 degrees.

Now a new high-pressure system is on its way, and in several places, according to Granerud, you can retrieve your swimwear.

– “Should this high-pressure system turn as we hope, we can expect temperatures around 25 degrees again. Last weekend, 28 degrees was registered in some places. If the high pressure turns on, there will be similar temperatures,” says Granerud.

As of Tuesday, temperatures will rise east of the mountains, while in Western Norway and Central Norway it will get better from Thursday or Friday. In Nordland, the high pressure may arrive by the weekend.

– “It is certainly permissible to hope that we have an equally nice weekend next week as we had last weekend,” says Granerud.

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