Mulla Krekar asks for travel documents to Italy

Mulla KrekarMulla Krekar-Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Mulla Krekar has asked for travel documents to Italy after an Italian judge demanded to have him in place in order to continue his trial wrote NRK news.


The trial,which began on October the 8th, was postponed until December because the court in Bolzano in northern Italy wanted to enter Krekar himself to get his explanation.Last week,PST handed over a letter from the judge in Bolzano to Krekar.Krekar has received a ten-day deadline for obtaining necessary travel documents from the Norwegian authorities wrote NRK news.

‘’He is doing what he has been told.Then we will make an assessment when we see if he has received travel documents about how he will otherwise relate” said Brynjar Meling.

Krekar, who is actually called Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, has been deprived of his travel documents and therefore has no way to leave the country.

He was arrested in Norway in November 2015 in a coordinated action commissioned by Italian police during the roll-out of an alleged terrorist network in Italy. He is now charged with planning terrorism and leading the network, Rawti Shax, which is allegedly associated with the extremist group, IS.

Norway was close to letting him out when Italy, surprisingly,pulled the request for extradition in the autumn of 2016.He denies having something to do with people in Italy, and according to Meling,there is no organization that plans terror or other illegal aims, other than being a legal Kurdish political party.


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