New test record last week

Korona test center outpatient clinic Ullevål hospitalKorona test center outpatient clinic Ullevål hospital.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Last week, over 40,000 people were tested for the Corona virus. A new record according to the Minister of Health, Bent Høie (H).

-“Last week more than 40,000 people were tested for the corona virus. This is the highest number of any week so far.”, said Høie during the governments Corona press conference on Friday.

According to Høie, the number tested last week corresponds to 0.76 percent of the population.

He also warned of the increasing number of infections in the society. 
-“We entered summer with a decreasing number of infections and we are leaving with an increasing number.”; said Høie.

He pointed out that last week, 357 new cases of infection were reported, while the week before 199 new cases were reported. 82 people have been registered as infected abroad in the last two weeks.

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