Norway braces for heatwave: Temperatures expected to reach up to 30 degrees towards the end of the week

Sunny weather summerPhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

A heatwave is coming, but probably further north than previously expected. Central Norway and northern parts of Eastern Norway could experience up to 30 degrees towards the end of the week.

On Tuesday evening, proper summer showers and thunderstorms are expected in the eastern mountains, and this will slightly decrease the highest temperatures. There will also be rain and rain showers in northern Western Norway and all the way north in the country.

But then the wet weather will ease towards Wednesday. The heat will begin to settle in, especially in Central Norway and the north of Eastern Norway. There, people will feel the first heatwave of the summer – that is, temperatures above 28 degrees for at least three days.

Tropical nights expected

“From Wednesday and until the weekend, the temperature will slowly but surely rise, up to 30 degrees. Many places will face temperatures above 25 degrees,” on-duty meteorologist Julie Solsvik Vågan told news bureau NTB on Monday morning.

She emphasized that it is still not entirely certain where the heatwave will hit.

“It has moved a bit, and it is still not carved in stone,” she noted.

Locally, there may also be opportunities for tropical nights (temperatures remaining over 20 degrees throughout the night), mostly in inland areas.

Further north, it will still be quite cool, but further south in Nordland and Finnmarksvidda, temperatures could surpass 20 degrees this week.

No heat warnings issued

In some parts of the EU, meteorologists are issuing heat danger warnings. Such warnings have currently not been issued in Norway.

“We have discussed it, but so far, it is not relevant,” the meteorologist added. 

On Monday, the meteorologists will consider whether to issue a lightning warning for the next 24 hours.

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