Oslo to change rules for residents parking

residents parkingOslo.residents parking.Photo : Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Oslo wants to change the rules for residents’ parking in the municipality, allowing residents to purchase two parking cards.


A year ago,the scheme for residents’ parking was made permanent. A scheme that made it easier for many, but at the same time received criticism from groups that do not automatically have the right to residents cards, such as crafts workers and those involved in the car scheme reported Aftenposten newspaper.

Now the City Environment (BYM) proposes several changes in a regulation sent out for consultation.Among other things, they open for a resident to get parking cards for two vehicles.The price for resident card number two is set at NOK 4,000 for a car and NOK 1,500 for motorcycle per year.

There is also a simplification for businesses by proposing to give residents permission for cars with green signs.

With this change,the municipality wants also to state that only passenger cars, vans (under 3.5 tonnes),motorcycles and mopeds can purchase residents’ cards.

The agency also proposed that car sharing vehicles should be able to purchase a so-called all-in-one permit which will apply in all areas of residents’ parking.

They also want to introduce monthly payments, so that you do not have to pay one big bill annually.

The consultation deadline is the 15th of February.

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