Over one million people have the Coronavirus infection in Europe

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More than one million people in Europe have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus, and more than 100,000 of them have died, new figures show.

The figures are taken from the Worldometer, which has a continuous update of all registered infections and deaths in all countries of the world.

A total of 1,088,651 people are confirmed to be infected across Europe, and 102,565 who have had the Covid-19 disease have died, figures showed at midnight Sunday.

The most who are infected are in Spain, with 198,674 cases and 21,238 deaths. Behind them is Italy with 178,972 infected and 23,660 dead, followed by France with 152,894 confirmed cases and 19,718 lost lives.

In total, by midnight to Monday, more than 2.4 million infected people were registered in the world and more than 165,000 have died, according to Worldometer.

At midnight, there were 7,113 cases of Coronavirus infection in Norway, preliminary figures from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health show.

This is an increase of 45 cases from the last day. The last two days there was an increase of 129 cases.

The figures are taken from the Communicable Diseases Notification System (MSIS) and show a preliminary overview.

A total of 153 people are receiving treatment at hospitals for Covid-19 disease. On Monday, 165 deaths have been registered as a result of the disease.

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