Police officer denies accusation the assaulted man in interrogation was not allowed to breathe

The courthouse and the police station in KristiansandThe courthouse and the police station in Kristiansand.Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

A police officer is being investigated for putting Qadar Osman Abdi in a neck lock while on the floor during an interrogation. The officer has denied the claims that the 24 year old could not breathe. 

The reason for the officer’s action  during the interrogation at the police station in Kristiansand, was that Abdi did not want to give a piece of paper with his snapchat password. 

When he did not want to hand over the note, the policeman became physical, as seen by surveillance photos TV2 has gained access to. He grabbed the 24 year old by the neck and got him down on the ground with the help of two female officers. 

Abdi shouted multiple times that he was not resisting. Afterwards, the 24 year old said he could not breathe, which the policeman has denied. 

-”In our point of view, this is a short term physical intervention where you can hear the offended provoked throughout the situation. That the provoker could not breathe during the event is a claim that is disputed by my client.”, says Lawyer Carl Henning Leknesund, the man’s defender, to TV 2.

The Special Unit for Police Affairs is investigating the case. Chief of Police,Kristen Lindeberg, of the Agder police district has stated that the case “after a precise assessment” has not had internal consequences for the police officer. 

In a press release, the police district has written that the man, as of July 18, will no longer be in the police force, because he is retiring. 

Abdi admitted to he possession of drugs during the interrogation. He was recently sentenced to ten and a half years in prison. The verdict will be appealed

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