Norway too passive towards Russia of late

Labour Leader Jonas Gahr Støre RussiaLabour Leader Jonas Gahr Støre. Photo: Johannes Jansson / (CC 2.5)

“Norway is too passive towards Russia of late,” says Støre

The Leader of the Norwegian Labour Party, Jonas Gahr Støre, believes that Norway is too passive towards Russia in recent years. He asks for ongoing meetings with the Russians to resolve political disagreements.

“It is positive that Erna Solberg will meet Putin during this spring, but we should, just like Finland, have regular meetings with Russia,” Støre tells Klassekampen.

“Increased tensions between Europe and Russia contributes to a arms race. the Western Alliance has, at the same time, internal battles. This is in the form of US President Donald Trump’s hard line regarding the division of roles within NATO. Norway must monitor developments closely,” the former Foreign Minister asserts.

In a deep state of peace

“Former Chief of Defence, Sverre Diesen, once said that Norway is in a deep state of peace. There is a warning in that message because a deep state of peace means being on the verge of falling asleep. Taciturn self-satisfaction that there is peace in our time. That is an important thing to wake up from,” the Head of the Red-Green Alliance continues.

The Labor leader further states that “Norway should work for disarmament in Europe, as well, especially after both the US and Russia have withdrawn from the INF agreement. An agreement which prohibited them from possessing intermediate-range missiles.”

“China’s armament is one of the reasons why they pulled out,” Støre adds. He believes that Norway should pursue a tougher line towards Xi Jinping’s regime in China as well.

“I was questioning to when Solberg and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ine Eriksen Søreide, would not bring up human rights at their meeting with the Chinese,” Støre concludes.

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