Significant drop in the number of break-ins during the Corona crisis

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After the beginning of the Corona crisis, If damage insurance registered a almost 70 percent drop in the number of break-ins compared to the same period last year.

Communication director, Lars Galtung, of If insurance said that he has never seen such a large reduction in the amount of break-ins after the Corona crisis began. Compared to the second quarter of last year, the amount of break-ins decreased by almost 70 percent.

-”People have been at home in their houses, they have been in their home offices, and one does not break in then.”, said Galtung.

Figures from Fremtind Insurance also show a significant decrease in both break-ins and thievery. From April to July this year, in comparison to the same period last year, the company has registered a decrease of 37 percent in the amount of break-ins, thievery of contents from boats and cars has also gone down by 16 percent. The largest decrease that Fremtind has registered is the theft of luggage, which has been reduced by 74 percent.

-”We know the amount of border crossings into the country have decreased dramatically.”, said the Damage Prevention Specialist, Therese Nilsen, of Fremtind to NRK.

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