Sweden’s opposition leader Ulf Kristersson fails to gather majority, gives up on forming new government

Ulf KristerssonPhoto: Stina Stjernkvist / TT / NTB

Sweden’s opposition leader Ulf Kristersson decided to give up on forming a new government, as he was not able to find a parliamentary majority.

Kristersson stated that he had informed the Speaker of the Swedish parliament (Riksdag) Andreas Norlén of his decision.

At a press conference on Thursday, Kristersson said that it is mathematics that decides and that the situation shows that 175 of the members of the Riksdag would vote against his government.

“Through the contacts I have had, I know that 175 are against,” he said.

He also said that he had thorough talks with multiple political parties in the last two days. The talks have revolved around crime, tax policy, migration and integration, climate and energy, according to Kristersson.

“We have had good initial discussions. They confirmed to me that there was a foundation to build on,” Kristersson, who leads Sweden’s largest opposition party, the Moderates, said.

No majority

However, the Center Party did not want to support such a government, so Kristersson ended up one vote short in the Riksdag to get a majority for a new government.

Kristersson was given the task of forming a government on Tuesday after Sweden’s Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven resigned.

The task of forming a new government will now likely go to Löfven.

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