Tensions rise: Norway contacts Denmark after espionage revelations

Frank Bakke-JensenPhoto: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

Minister of Defense Frank Bakke-Jensen (H) has initiated a conversation with his Danish colleague about DR’s espionage revelations.

“I have initiated a conversation with my Danish colleague, Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen, and contact has been made at the official level from the Norwegian Ministry of Defense to their Ministry of Defense,” Bakke-Jensen noted in a written comment to news bureau NTB.

The Minister of Defense says he assumes that the allegations of American espionage are part of the investigation of the case, which will now be carried out by a commission of inquiry in Denmark.

“We have asked them to keep us updated on results in the investigation that are of significance to Norway… I informed the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee about what we now know in a meeting on Monday afternoon,” Bakke-Jensen said.

NSA espionage

The backdrop to the development is the story reported by Danmarks Radio (DR) this weekend, according to which American intelligence spied on targets in Norway.

Anonymous sources told Danmarks Radio (DR) that the American intelligence service NSA spied on Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Norway.

The espionage is said to have been related to the fighter aircraft purchases. 

It is said to have taken place through a collaboration with the Danish intelligence service FE.

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