The Corona Commission is looking at the legality of Norway’s quarantine hotels

Egil MatsenPhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

The Corona Commission is in the process of looking at the authorities’ use of quarantine hotels. There is great disagreement among experts about the legality of the measure, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

The commission’s first interim report was delivered in April, and work on part two of the report is now in full swing.

“After we finished the first part of the commission’s work, the question of imported infection has been raised, and how imported infection has been handled,” commission leader Egil Matsen told NRK.

The commission has requested all written documentation concerning the authorities’ handling of imported infection since the start of the pandemic, including the use of quarantine hotels.

Different views

Legal experts have very different views on the legality of, among other things, quarantine hotels.

“I believe, as many others do, that they have gone too far and kept people imprisoned without sufficient legal basis in violation of human rights,” law professor Hans Fredrik Marthinussen at the University of Bergen told NRK.

Health law expert Anne Kjersti Befring, on the other hand, believes that protecting the population from imported infections has long historical roots in the legislation.

“Corona hotels and entry restrictions are not new. This is what has been used in previous epidemics and pandemics to limit the spread of infection,” she noted.

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