The government accuses Russian authorities of distributing disinformation

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A number of Russian-language websites have in recent weeks spread a story that Norway and Sweden are responsible for war crimes in Ukraine.

The case took a new turn on Wednesday, when the Russian Foreign Ministry mentioned the matter at a press conference and later posted a message on Twitter, the Ministry of Defense writes in a press release on Thursday evening.

The articles claim, among other things, that named instructors from NATO countries provide training, guidance and advice to Ukrainian military forces. It is alleged that training from Norway and Sweden has led to an increase in violence and lawlessness in the Ukrainian forces.

“Russian authorities contribute to the distribution of disinformation. The allegations have no root in reality,” says Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen (Høyre).

Bakke-Jensen says the case is about a study trip with participants from Trondheim Air Force School over four years ago.

“This is a classic attempt at disinformation and follows a well-known pattern. We saw a similar example recently through the counterfeit letter from the NATO Secretary General,” he says.

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3 Comments on "The government accuses Russian authorities of distributing disinformation"

  1. Any Western military involvement with Ukraine mortally threatens and frightens the Russians, and this exaggeraton/disinformation accusation may be to deter our greater involvement.

    For 4 obvious reasons – beginning with Bernard-Henri Levy and Victoria Nuland – Kiev 2014 was a neoconservative (but they’re not conservative) coup, not any spontaneous revolution, and it threatens the Russians with the possibility of a still-“interventionist” NATO all the way up to Kharkov at their throats. (The Nazis’s southern prong of their 1943 Kursk offensive was from Kharkov. After 27 million WW2 dead, Russians are just as defensive as Jewish people after the Holocaust.)

    Ukraine remaining potentially hostile is as intolerable to the Russians as the Soviets getting strategic Grenada Island as an air and naval base within *our* inner security perimeter was to us (Americans) in October 1983. And *we* acted.

    If we don’t give the Russians a fair peace treaty to replace Budapest which we broke with our coup, SOON, either they’re going to take all Ukraine or – if we militarily ally with Ukraine – World War 3 will indeed start there. And at last report, Norway’s bomb and fallout shelters are a neglected mess. (The coronavirus would have a field day in the few which can be used.)

    By the way, according to BulgarianMilitary com, one of the new highly touted Russian Armaty tanks was destroyed by one of our antitank weapons in Syria – much lesser a flashpoint than Ukraine.

    • (to Lou Coatney | 2. May 2020 at 16:34)
      This ridiculous post clearly shows how well russian propaganda is spread in the world. Either by bots or by “useful idiots”(c), who spread it like a plague. When you are guilty – just manipulate and blame the victim, thats how they always act.

  2. You are a very amateur McCarthyist, “Basil.” I have presented clear, objective facts as to why the Russians are behaving like this, and instead of disputing them – which you cannot – you attempt the typical smear job, I suspect for pro-war anti-Russian motives.

    Putin’s own 3 year old brother Viktor whom he never knew died of starvation and diphtheria in the Siege of Leningrad. His father was the sole, permanently wounded survivor of his commando unit, and when he returned to Leningrad he found Putin’s mother in the morgue given up for dead, and somehow brought her back to life. His family’s ordeal was like most others Russians’ and why they viscerally fear another attack from the West.

    As to Putin, Norway’s former chief of intelligence Kjell Grandhagen – now badly missed *for* his objectivity – floored everyone over here some years ago, when he rightly said Putin was the best of the alternatives – those being the realists/hardliners FSB Dir. Naryshkin and Chief of Staff Gerasimov.

    As to my own objectivity credentials, you can read on Internet my masters thesis about the Soviets’ 1940 Katyn Massacre of 25,000 Polish officers, cadets, and intelligentsia as a Cold War and glasnost issue to bring down the Soviet regime, which I helped it become.

    Presuming you’re English, “Basil,” your “neoconservative” Henry M. Jackson Society has been pushing Parliament … and us … for the militarization of the North – Scandinavia – with the apparent intent of having the West’s (inevitably) nuclear war on Russia up here, so that Central and Western Europe … and you … don’t become the radioactive wasteland: we do.

    Except the Russians have made it clear they will strike directly at World War 3’s source – at you … too.

    I do not intend to allow … persons … like you to get my loved ones here and back in the States killed, so you can just go slither back under your rock.

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