Norway offers great job opportunities in construction, expert claims

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The construction sector in Norway will engage in a high level of contracting in the next quarter, according to ManpowerGroup’s labor market barometer.

“Norway needs more craftsmen”, Rolf Bjerved from Manpower Workshop Bemanning believes.

“We have permanent requests for qualified craftsmen. Norway needs more of them,” Bjerved added.

The company is part of the ManpowerGroup, which specializes in personnel services for the construction industry.

The construction business has been very active during the crisis, and according to ManpowerGroup’s labor market barometer, the industry will hire even more in the fourth quarter.

A safe professional choice

Construction stands out as the most optimistic industry in Norway.

The outlook for seasonally adjusted net staffing is +19%, an increase of 14 percentage points from the previous quarter.

That is the proportion of employers expecting staffing levels minus the proportion of those expecting staff reductions.

Rolf Bjerved believes that the long-term prospects for the industry are also good and encourages young people who are curious about the industry to pursue vocational studies in upper secondary school.

“If you choose this direction, you are likely to get a good and secure job with a stable income.

Even if you choose vocational subjects, it is possible to acquire general education qualifications along the way.

So, for example, you can first get a craft certificate, and then continue with engineering studies,” he said.

A varied and meaningful working life

Bjerved, who has been in the industry for decades, is pleased to see that the focus on young people has increased.

“It has been a challenge with the low level of recruitment in the industry, but fortunately this is changing.

More and more companies are choosing to invest in their employees, which in turn means that there will be more learning, more growth, and more opportunities for young people,” he noted.

Workshop Bemanning’s goal is to provide help in the recruitment process.

Source: Manpower / #Norway Today


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