Accused mother is imprisoned

Two children found dead and mother injured.LørenskogLørenskog. Two children found dead and mother injured.Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

A mother accused of killing her children in Lørenskog. Will be held in custody.

Two children were found dead in an apartment in Lørenskog. The mother is accused of killing them.

The woman has been questioned twice. She has been in hospital since the day the children were found dead. Her lawyer has requested that she be examined by a psychology specialist.

The police have decided that the woman will remain in custody. The accused has agreed to be in custody while she is taken care of by health services.

Eastern police district says that a preliminary investigation has been made of the woman. The examination is the first step in deciding whether she should be examined further. The purpose is to check if the woman was sane when the children were found dead.

The police were called to the apartment in Lørenskog on Sunday 19 July. They were notified that there was a fire in the apartment. Smoke in the home had triggered the sprinkler system. There they found the children dead. The woman was injured.

Police say they are questioning witnesses. They are trying to find out what happened. There are also technical investigations.

So far, the police have not said how the children died.

– “We will not say anything about the cause of death of the children at this time during the investigation,” the police say.

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