Around 4,000 people were stopped on their way into Norway

SvinesundSvinesund.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Since March, at least 3,987 foreign people have been stopped at the border into Norway. Since June 1, the rise has been stronger.

Shows figures that VG has collected from the East, Inland, Trøndelag, Nordland, Troms and Finnmark police districts. In addition, at least 26 people have been deported after entering the country.

The figure includes those who have tried to enter the country after the Coronavirus-related regulations on the expulsion of foreigners without legal residence in Norway came into force on the 15th of March this year.

From the 1st of June until now, the number is at least 1,864 people.

According to VG, the pressure is greatest at the border crossings at Ørje and Svinesund, in addition to the Oslo Airport, all within the area of the Eastern Police District.

– “From 1 June and up to and including Sunday 5 July, the Eastern police district has expelled 1,273 foreigners, of which 967 came via our border crossings on the road,” says section leader Merete Beck.

The vast majority are citizens of Eastern European countries and Swedes, according to the police.

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