Finland is sending arms to Ukraine again

Sanna MarinPhoto: Ludovic Marin, Pool via AP

Finland plans to send weapons to Ukraine again. However, the Finnish government is unwilling to disclose the type of weapons it will send to Ukraine. 

The delivery will take place three weeks after Finland first parted with its established practice of not sending weapons to war zones. In the first shipment, Finland sent a delivery that included 2,500 automatic weapons, 150,000 cartridges, and 1,500 anti-tank weapons, among other supplies.

This time, the Finnish authorities opt to keep the contents of the delivery secret. 

“We will not reveal details so that we can ensure that the delivery arrives safely in Ukraine,” Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin told reporters in Brussels on Thursday. However, she confirmed that the shipment included weapons.

“We must be prepared to support Ukraine as long as the war lasts,” Marin said.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Finland is sending arms to Ukraine again"

  1. Again?? So *Finland* is at war against Russia too. How could Sanna Marin be so stupid?

    Meanwhile, Joe Biden has indicated we *are* going to commit American troops into Ukraine, plus is demanding Putin leave power, confirming suspicion about this being a another neocon regime-change war like Iraq, Libya, and Syria, but escalated beyond all belief, being against another nuclear superpower.
    “You’re going to see when you’re there, uh, ….”
    Between Joe gloating about the old New World Order and this, we’re facing the abyss – again, with no civil defense to speak of for our families.

    The Russians are going on the defensive in the west of Ukraine to double down in the east, and that is obviously emboldening Biden and the Europeans, but U.S. troops going into West Ukraine – unless there has been a backroom understanding – is escalating into a direct U.S. vs. Russia war, which as we can see they can’t win or even survive conventionally. It will therefore, unless WE back off, unstoppably escalate into the nuclear holocaust I and others of the Cuban Missile Crisis generation have always dreaded coming.

    If NATO sending troops into Ukraine is vetoed by a member and we do it unilaterally – or with the British and other neocons – and we go directly at war with Russia, the other NATO members will be dragged in anyway, unless they order our troops out of their countries and our bases in them closed.
    Are U.S. and British and any other neocon nuclear missile submarines in Norwegian fjords?

    Biden&Blinken knowingly forced/perpetrated this terminally dangerous tragedy – blocking the fair security treaty the Russians needed – but the Russians have been abjectly incompetent, not just operationally, adding to the danger … as well as deaths and suffering just so far.

    In the first couple of days of this tragedy, they could have used their power to stop other-European involvement cold and even continued U.S. and British involvement.

    Now, the entirely other dimension – spectre – arises.

    My Alaska friend is right being deeply worried and depressed, although I’ll opt for a litre of Swedish oat chocolate milk instead.

    Meanwhile, I’m literally praying for all my children and my granddaughter … and rest of my family and friends.

    I cannot believe this is happening.

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