Kongsberg attacker received proper health care, audit finds

Espen Andersen BråthenPhoto: video screenshot / NTB

In an audit, the County Governor concluded that the health service had properly provided care to the man accused of the Kongsberg attack, Espen Andersen Bråthen.

The County Governor in Oslo and Viken has audited the GP and the specialist health service after Bråthen was charged with killing five people in Kongsberg on October 13 last year.

“We have not found that the GP has acted unjustifiably. Some conditions in the health care from the specialist health service could have been better. The deviations from good practice were nevertheless not so great that they violated the requirements for professional soundness,” the County Governor noted. 

Five people killed

Five people were killed and several others injured when the 38-year-old carried out the attack in Kongsberg center on Wednesday night, October 13. Several of the killings took place indoors at the victims’ homes.

The police expressed early on that they thought Bråthen was psychotic at the time of the crime. According to an early forensic psychiatric report, the 38-year-old may have suffered from delusions.

Since the attacks on October 13, he has been admitted to a closed psychiatric ward based on a decision on compulsory hospitalization. 

Three forensic psychiatric experts who have assessed Andersen concluded that he has a mental illness which, in the police’s opinion, is compatible with the fact that he was psychotic when the murders took place.

In its audit, the County Governor noted that Bråthen had contact with both GPs and specialist health services for many years but that he had not wanted any health care in the last two years before the killings.

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