Norway will receive 67,000 doses of the Moderna corona vaccine in January and February

Moderna COVID-19 vaccinePhoto: Kelsey Brunner / The Aspen Times via AP

Norway will receive 67,000 doses of Moderna’s corona vaccine, which could be approved by the EU for use in Norway during this week.

The information has been confirmed by Sweden’s vaccine coordinator Richard Bergstrøm.

He told newspaper VG that Norway will receive 67,000 doses of the vaccine by the end of February and that Norway’s total agreement will secure 1.9 million doses.

The Moderna vaccine is currently in the process of being approved in the EU. 

Automatic approval

If the vaccine is approved by the EU, it will automatically also be approved in Norway.

“There are still some questions that Moderna must answer. The official timeline is still for the vaccine to be approved on Wednesday. 

“An attempt was made for everything to be ready today, but the experts need answers to some questions,” Bergstrøm told VG.

Norway is already in the process of vaccinating people in the risk group with Pfizer and Biontech’s coronavirus vaccine.

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