The government’s message to those in Norway with reopening anxiety: “We are proceeding cautiously”

Saliba Andreas KorkuncPhoto: Lise Åserud / NTB

The Norwegian government says that measures will not be eased until they believe it is justifiable. But the infection can still get out of control, it warns.

Oslo City Council chief Raymond Johansen directly addressed those with reopening anxiety when he opened up Oslo.

“We will have great understanding for those who think we open too much,” he said.

Understand that people are worried

State Secretary Saliba Andreas Korkunc wrote in a statement that the government understands that people are anxious.

“I understand well that people are worried about the reopening, but we do not ease measures until we think it is justifiable. People can be sure of that,” said Korkunc.

He said that it is due to the danger of more inpatients and those with long-term health problems that means the government will open up gradually.

“If we open up too fast, the infection can pick up speed, so we have to shut down again. It will be a great burden for the population and society as a whole. That is why we are proceeding cautiously,” said Korkunc.

New government measures?

He warned that local or regional outbreaks would be met with rapid action, either by the municipalities or the government. Korkunc stated that Norway has some of Europe’s strictest entry rules to prevent new virus variants from entering the country. Measures in the event of local outbreaks will prevent too many mutations from occurring in the country.

“How much infection spread will the government accept without introducing new national measures?

“Our goal is still to have control over the spread of infection. In this way, we will safeguard health, reduce disturbances in society, and protect the economy. The danger of the spread of infection getting out of control is still present,” Korkunc said.

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