The Prime Minister reacts after a weekend of partying

Prime Minister Erna SolbergPrime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB scanpix

After a week with a lot of parties and little social distancing, the Prime Minister Erna Solberg stated that it is important that everyone maintains the current measures to prevent the spread of infection. 

– “ It is good that Oslo County is paying attention, and I hope that they respond appropriately when the measures aren’t being followed.”, says Solberg to Dagbladet.

The past weekend was the first where nightclubs in Oslo have had regular opening hours since March 12. The police confirms that it has been a busy weekend with a lot of drunkenness and brawling.

According to the Head of Operations at the Oslo Police Station, Andre Kråkenes, the police has registered 170 incidents in Oslo, Asker, and Bærum on Friday evening. Saturday evening was slightly more peaceful.

-” The virus is just as contagious and as infectious as before. And the population is just as immune as before. Consequently we all must continue to take the prevention measures seriously.”, says the Prime Minister.

She emphasizes that if the current situation worsens, then stricter measures will be considered.

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  1. Facemasking especially on public transportation would greatly help too, and there is a Washington Post article out yesterday titled “Why simple cloth masks without valves are better at fighting the spread of covid-19” – the more medical kind needing to be reserved for medical staff. The cloth masks are also more comfortable in warm weather.

    A few days ago, Camilla Stoltenberg warned that everyone facemasking out in public would be necessary, if everyone wouldn’t – couldn’t in some cases like rush hour, I would say – social-distance, etc.

    Our Center for Disease Control now has the website “How to Make Cloth Face Coverings.” Grandparents with time may want to make multiple copies for their families … for their own protection.

    Meanwhile, Sweden seems to have stopped reporting its new cases and new deaths! – at least to the WorldoMeters website, and there is an article in Norwegian that its deaths continue to climb steadily.

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