These Norwegian municipalities registered the highest number of corona cases

Stovner - OsloPhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

Large cities with even infection and small towns with large outbreaks have the highest proportion of corona-infected people. In Ulvik, 12% of people have been infected, and in Oslo’s Stovner district, 5% have been infected.

Small municipalities that have been through extensive corona outbreaks are at the top of the list of municipalities with the highest number of corona infection cases. 

But Norway’s capital is also in the top five, according to an NTB overview.

Ulvik has the highest proportion of the population with proven infection, with 12.1% (130 out of 1,078 inhabitants). 

Ulvik and several surrounding municipalities are currently under strict measures after the mutant virus outbreak that became known in early February.

Two situations

Hyllestad, which was hit hard by an outbreak this autumn, has the second-highest proportion of infected in the country, with 7% of the population. 

It is followed by Sør-Fron (3.1%), Lørenskog (2.7%), and Oslo (2.6%).

“There are two different situations. One is small municipalities with large, local, time-limited outbreaks, which has a severe effect on the statistics. 

“The other is municipalities that are large, such as Oslo, which have had persistently high infection pressure over time and for that reason end up high on the statistics,” Assistant Health Director Espen Rostrup Nakstad told news bureau NTB.

Most infection cases registered in big cities

If one includes the districts in Oslo in the same statistics as the municipalities, five of them end up in the top ten list of the areas in the country with the most infection cases. 

In Stovner, 5% of the population has been diagnosed with coronavirus. At the same time, this applies to 3.9% of Søndre Nordstrand’s inhabitants, 3.8% in Grorud, 3.6% in Alna, and 3.3% of the inhabitants in the Bjerke district in Oslo.

“We see it all over the world, that it is the big cities where people live closest, that the level of infection is highest – where it is most difficult to get control (over the infection). It has been the same in all capitals in Europe,” Nakstad said.

Only half of the cases detected

In total, around 65,000 cases of infection have been detected in the country, but the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) estimates that only 51% of the cases have been detected. 

Thus, the real number in the municipalities could also be higher than what has been registered.

Oslo has had the highest proportion of infections among the counties, with 2.6% of the population. It is followed by Viken (1.8%), Vestland (1%), and Innlandet (0.9%).

“There is a trend that a lower population density gives a lower risk of infection. And there is a reason why Nordland and large parts of Northern Norway, and partly Central Norway, have seen low infection rates during the entire pandemic, while Central-Eastern Norway has seen the highest,” Nakstad said.

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