Criticized for racism, then censorship: NRK’s handling of ​​TV program “Helt Ramm i Tokyo” sparks debate

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Three episodes of NRK’s “Helt Ramm i Tokyo” were removed due to complaints about the content – in particular, lead Nicolay Ramm’s portrayal of a Japanese game show host – being stigmatizing and hurtful. Now, complaints are coming in about the de-publication of the episodes.

Multiple complaints were received focused on the content of the program, and multiple on the removal, Council Secretary Erik Skarrud informed Kampanje.

Initial criticism was aimed at Nicolay Ramm‘s portrayal of a Japanese game show host in the “Japanese Ramm Show” segment. NRK then re-evaluated the content and decided to de-publish it – and people weren’t happy about that, either. In one complaint about the removal, a sender claimed that the state channel censored the program, and called it a huge shame.

NRK reporter Fredrik Solvang, who is of Asian background, also reacted to NRK’s ​​decision.

In an Instagram post, Solvang wrote “Everyone must have their own opinions, so the following is just an expression of my doubts. What is the consequence of the fact that it is not okay to imitate accents and popular cultural genres such as the Japanese game show? Had @nicolayramm been face-painted and made crooked eyes, I think the situation would be completely different, but he did not. I laughed, because I think he nailed the weirdness of Japanese and Asian game shows well without being inappropriate. From now on, can no comedians imitate Danes and Finns, let alone Russian submarine captains?”

Nicolay Ramm Fredrik Solva
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Lead actor Nicolay Ramm, who commented “😌❤️” on Solva’s post, had previously stated it was right to remove the program from the national channel.

“We now see that we have made a mistake. So, it is absolutely right to remove the content. We thought it would be fun for everyone. But that is not the case,” Ramm had noted.

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  1. James O'Dowell | 29. July 2021 at 10:51 | Reply

    It’s pathetic that this content was removed, content providers must stop responding to viewers with a “politically correct” agenda and using this control over weak content editors. What’s also pathetic is Nicolay Ramm’s apology, imagine not having the balls to be funny.

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