Police receive hundreds of tips about people violating the Coronavirus measures

PoliceIllustration.Police.Photo: Norway Today Media

Police across the country are now getting tips on people breaking quarantine, contagion threats and illegal cabin lodgings.

Police Chief Arne Johannessen of the Sogn and Fjordane Department of the Western Police District tells NRK that absolutely everyone must take national guidelines seriously.

– “It is simply a social responsibility the individual has,” says the police chief.

Trøndelag police received around 115 tips, and the West police district received about 50 tips just over the weekend.

One of the tips resulted in a fine of NOK 20,000. This happened after a young person from Sogn and Fjordane with a proven Coronavirus infection who went to a party. According to NRK, the person in question works in the health care system.

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2 Comments on "Police receive hundreds of tips about people violating the Coronavirus measures"

  1. “… workED in the health care system,” I would hope.

    On the bus back to Flateby – the old buses had hatches in the ceiling which could be opened for better air circulation, but the new buses don’t – there was some older fellow toward the back who appeared to have an uncontrollable cough, and I could see the worried look on the bus driver’s face in his rear-view mirror.

    Was the guy infected? Was he supposed to be on quarantine? Or does he just have a chronic bronchial condition?

    If bus drivers see someone suspicious like that, they should be able to notify the Politi and/or health authorities, to have the person tested (maybe with these new quick tests) at a coming bus stop. Bus drivers could REALLY help this way, as well as help protect themselves and other passengers.

  2. Mario Kulash | 26. March 2020 at 20:15 | Reply

    Nobody is writing about bunch of junkies at Storgata; every single day more than 50 of them in the same spot … a national untouchable treasure as it seems. Rules don’t apply for them?

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