Package dispensers by Posten

Posten mailNorwegian Postal Service (Posten Norge): Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix


Post Norge will be launching package dispensers in a thousand locations across the country next year. This means that customers could be able to retrieve their packages themselves when it’s convenient.

Post Norge has previously tested a 24-hour package dispensers at traffic hubs in Oslo, and now such boxes will be deployed across the country.

– “It will happen in cities and towns as well as in less populated areas. Package dispensers have good digital solutions. An app notifies a person when their package has arrived, and the app is also used to open the hatch, allowing the recipient to take out their package.

At the same time, Post Norge is collaborating with OBOS on testing the package dispensers in housing cooperatives and co-ops in the Oslo area. Deployments are planned, for example, at Fornebu in Bærum and Kvaernerbyen in Oslo.

The goal is that in the years to come, far more package dispensers will be released in more than the thousand places that are coming now.

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