The Catholic Church comes with measures against the spread of coronavirus

The Catholic ChurchThe Catholic Church.......Photo: Jarl Fr. Erichsen / SCANPIX


The Catholic Church in Norway recommends measures during its masses to prevent and limit the risk of coronavirus infection. This is especially true during communion.

In a post on the website, the church describes its measures and advice related to the coronavirus. Exhibitions, meetings and travel within Norway are currently being carried out as planned, while international travel may require greater care.

When it comes to celebrating a mass, several measures are recommended to reduce contagion associated with the Breaking of bread and including omitting the greetings of peace, shaking hands with those sitting around them during the Mass, to instead  bowing or nodding politely and kindly to one another.

Furthermore, it is recommended that the communion itself be placed on the hand. The communion is traditionally a piece of bread followed by a sip of wine, where the bread is called the body of Christ. Communion is often given directly on the tongue, but it is medically not advisable, and has been recommended since the 1960s to give to people on the hand.

It is further stated that at the entrance and exit there will now be empty holy water receptacles in the church.

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